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Deep Time Songs

by Cynthia Nelson

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cynthia nelson band 2010 version


released December 1, 2013

cynthia nelson: right channel guitar and vocals
marisa anderson: left channel guitar
katy davidson: drums and backing vocals
margaret douglas: bass

recorded at home in the basement in 2010 by dusty reske
mixed by katy davidson 2013

daphna kohn played violin and sang backups live in this era
jean cook played violin on burrowing owls recorded version


all rights reserved



Cynthia Nelson Portland, Oregon

cynthia nelson writes songs and sings them and plays them on instruments. in order of appearance: ruby falls, retsin, the naysayer, the sophie drinker music project, cynthia nelson, cynthia nelson band. new album available on october 11, 2017, "out of the cave." ... more

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Track Name: Dandelion Breaks
dandelion breaks apart in the sky
dancing willows hit the crow's naked eye
grass in the morning's wet then it's dry
walking insects so suddenly fly

up to the edge where no flower grows
'til one shows its face to tell us it knows
crying for purples and for yellows
for wasted appointments and lost small heroes

sounds of the side-yard birds in a tree
buzz about the mouth of a solitary bee
certain dull flowers needing a frame
certain spring players needing a game

of emptying cups won't be there in june
now open champagne like you open the moon
although in dream time the champagne is flat
this dandelion breaks into an antidote to that
Track Name: Hotel Room Sleep
hotel room sleep
tripping back deep time
almost talking
almost running out of time

the lamp came on
as a morning alarm
we used to have deep friends
and provocations

the way you were about me
seemed such a deal breaker
now it seems i am more
present and open

'til i start to crack
running my mouth off
clutching a flowered pillowcase
from tours of old

we struggle for more words
brought on by the photos
twisted and gifted
awkward and sifted into a fine dust
Track Name: Sand Dollars/Paper Dollars
dollars of sand put weight in hand
broken by dreams and seaweed streams
dogs do cartwheels on humans' heels
mosaic beach shack histories

as winds avail
the paper dollars fail
they blow away
enough just for today
trading hours' gifts
for sand-through-fingers shifts
as days devour
the paper dollar showers

what flowers do bees suck right through
figure 8 their friends
the honey work it never ends
found objects fool
emit no rule
broken or whole from the biggest fishy bowl

trip out and then
"i'm handing in my pen"
sand dollars face
off paper again
in lieu of thrills
we exercise the skills
of paying bills
and fifty cent refills

sea biscuit
pansy shell
galleta del mar
a five-pointed star

minnows come over
in innocence and clover
apples fall from trees
kids' cacophonies

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